Grant Younglove

Romantic Photojournalist

My Philosophy

Photography is something fun and artistic. Something that produces an emotional feeling. The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind. I consider myself nothing less than a chronicler of the human heart, transforming family events into works of art for over 20 years. 

Photography as Communication

Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination; Visions that cannot be taught, but must be personally experienced. Seeing what other photographers won't, capturing what others can't. 

Sharing Stories

Ever-advancing his skills in candid and romantic photography, 

Grant believes portraits should evoke an emotion, to stimulate passion in life and warm your heart with beautiful imagery. 



Grant's interest in photography was kindled at an early age by his father whose avocation was photography. If a friend were getting married, he would shoot it as a favor. His use of color film set him apart since the norm was B&W. This made him quite desirable.   

Years later, when color became the norm, Grant excelled in B&W photography. He created a home darkroom and completed advanced courses in photojournalism at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology in NY. After studying under 6 of the nation's top photojournalists, Grant began a photography business that has been in demand throughout Orange County and surrounding cities. His success was due to his personal attention to each client, the tips on how to make each portrait unique, and lastly, his fantastic selection of outdoor locations. His Signature Photo Books became so popular that other studios decided to create their own simpler designs.   


Grant Younglove is a national award winning photographer from Orange County, Ca. 

For more than 20 years he created wedding and glamour photos, both in color and black & white. With a photojournalistic style, Grant made one-of-a-kind artistic prints that won the hearts of judges in national photo competitions too. These included Kodak, Nikon and several local competitions. He is also quite proud of winning 1st place in B&W by the National Photo Instructors of America. 

He is thrilled to have worked with hundreds of couples who chose to be photographed at one of his intimate coves along the Southern California coastline. The warm afternoon light of sunset added to the romance of these California beach locations.  


Grant has over 20 years as a photographer with hundreds of satisfied past clients. Please contact him if you want to purchase your negatives:

By Phone, weekday afternoons 'til 7pm. 

By Email, responses usually within 24 hours.   

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Romantic Photojournalist

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